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Saturday, September 12, 2009


So I just get home, and with so many things sitting here to unpack, unwrap and open,
I dug out Tara's fabric, and plugged in the sewing machine...
Now. I have not sewn the sky and grass part to the house yet, as I want to make sure two things...
one: is it OK to add a tree?
and two: how much grass to sky ratio?
do you want less grass and more sky (or visa versa)?
does it not make any difference to you?
its' so fun to play with itty bits of fabric!

what say you miss Tara?
Victoria @ bumblebeans


  1. Victoria, you are so good! I LOVE the house! Elaine

  2. Awesome!! Whatever you want for sky to grass works for me! I love it! I smiled as I packed that wacky "grass" in your envelope since I knew you could make it work! I am so excited to see these blocks since the use of the color gave people the license to make them crazy!

    And trees--it's your call!