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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I loved my blocks you all made so much that I decided to make some more so I could have a Queen size quilt for my bed. Then I got a bit carried away and decided to make a smaller version so that I could practice the quilting on my longarm before I tackled the bigger version. Blogger is not being nice with loading photos tonight!!
Here is the smaller one blowing on the clothes line-before quilting-if you think you see that a couple of the grey fabrics look darker than the others you are right. Two different purchases and I didn't notice it till Ii quilted it!!
And here I is a close up of the quilting, which I have to say I love and the machine behaved beautifully. I quilt freehand and I will do the grey parts the same as this but may change the design on the patterned fabrics.
And here is a final one of my helper-no matter where she is the moment the longarm starts she zooms down the hall and then bounds onto the quilt!! Why has blogger loaded the picture this way-I now give up!!!