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Friday, June 17, 2011

Going in the mail to Kate

I had to make two blocks for Kate...the first one was for  practice! It's nice to know I improved a bit.

Kate's block....here it is!!!

Kate's block was not difficult to make.  I was not sure if I could make it....but I tried it and I made it. I hope you like the fabric I used.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hearts for Beebee....Bee Balm July blocks!

I will be mailing each of you 3-4 pieces of pink or red fabric.
You will receive one of the following combinations.:

two 6 ½ “  squares
one  12 ½ “ square

one  12 ½” X  6 ½” rectangle
two 6 ½ “  squares

one 12 ½” square
one  12 ½” X  6 ½” rectangle
two 6 ½ “  squares

Take out your red and pink scraps and make some hearts.

Here are a few examples of what I would like you to make.
I did not attach the hearts to the fabric yet.


You get the idea?  Squares, stripes, anything you like.
“Make” fabric or just use squares or stripes or triangles or one solid piece of a pretty  print. You can put one or two or three or more hearts on each of the pieces of fabric you get.. Use any stitch you want to attach them to the fabric.  I would prefer not to have any raw edges please!

If you have any questions please let me know.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm caught up..!

I think..? No, I am, I'm caught up with all the blocks, Melina here's your green stars...


I hope you like them, they'll be in the mail sometime today..

I was excited about making Kate's block, how different and I love half square triangles...

I have quite a bit of Civil War fabric so that worked out well..
In the mail today too Kate..

Looking forward to seeing what you have for us BeeBee and just while I'm here has anyone heard from Linda..?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Process and photos - Winding Blades block

Good morning fellow Bees.
As promised here are the processes and photos for my Winding Blades triangular block. Some of the photos are a little dark - I apologise - I couldn't get the flash to work this morning.

You will need:
1 light or medium fabric
1 medium or dark fabric

Layer your two fabrics right sides together and cut:
one  6 3/4 inch square - we'll work on this first
one  3 5/8 inch square - set this one aside for a sec.
From these we will get 10 little 3" Half Square Triangle (HST) units

1. Making the HST
On the 6 3/4 in square lightly mark TWO diagonal lines corner to corner.
Sew a scant 1/4 inch either side of these two lines - sewing 4 lines in total.
Once your lines are sewn, mark two additional lines through the centre to further divide the square - top to bottom and side to side.
So now you have 4 lines, 2 going corner to corner, one horizontal and one vertical all going through the centre of the square. Cut on the marked lines. 4 cuts.
You now have 8 little HST.
To make the remaining 2 HST take your 3 5/8" square. Mark ONE diagonal line and sew a scant 1/4" either side of the line. Then cut on the line. This gives you 2 more HST.
Press open. Trim up the HST if necessary to achieve 3" squares.

2. Cutting the 5 setting triangles.
From your darker fabric cut one 4 3/4 " square. Then cut this square into 4 diagonally - giving you 4 little triangles.
Use one of these triangles as a template to cut the fifth triangle making sure the long edge is on the straight grain.

So you now have five triangles from the darker fabric and ten 3" HST units

3. Assembling the triangular block.
Lay out the HST in 4 rows as illustrated below.  I found it easier to lay them out "on point" as they will go in the block. Make sure the darker half of the HST is to the top.
Lay the 5 triangles at the end of each row. Long (straight edge) side at the bottom.
Sew units  into strips.
Sew strips together matching intersections, to form the triangle.
You're finished!
Thank you once again. I hope that these instructions are clear and that you enjoy making my block.
Happy sewing! K

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kate's Block

I am quite relieved that Kate has chosen the triangle block as this is what I thought we were doing on Saturday-

I was excited that the postman left a parcel and knowing Kate's block was this month I was so excited opening the parcel, thinking it was the fabric for the block.
Then I went OMG you have to be joking!!! I thought this was it!. I had forgotten Kate was posting my block back and I then realised this was a lovely card she had enclosed-boy what a relief.
As you can see here Kate, the inspector thought the block was great- the minute I put it down to photograph she appeared.
Looking forward to making the triangle block.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kate's block for June - Winding Blades

Hello, fellow Bees.
I have long admired scrappy quilts, particularly those which appear both simple and complex at the same time.  As well, I joined this group to stretch myself and perhaps learn new skills. With those things in mind, the block that I have chosen for my month is inspired by an antique quilt featured on page 92 of Quilts of Virginia, 1607-1899, made circa 1860 by Susan Spigle of Botetourt County.
Forgive me for not sewing a sample – I’m a little busy at the moment finishing a quilt for our Sydney Exhibition, but I intend to start my HST next week – a new skill for me, having never sewn any in any quantity in my life!!

DON'T FREAK OUT - Its just one triangular block!!

Please choose 2 fabrics from your own collection:
1 medium/dark, and
1 medium/light
go scrappy and use as many combinations of these as you like!

My preference is reproduction fabrics, but the quilt will be scrappy so go for it. The charm of scrap quilts is their variety of fabrics and the charm of friendship quilts is the inclusion of fabrics and combinations from friends that I might never have thought of using myself.

Each block requires 10 HST + 5 medium/dark triangles (the triangles will be half a 2 ¾ “ square cut diagonally)
HST should be 2 1/4" finished (ie not including seam allowance).

My research says you should cut 3 1/4" squares, make your HST then trim back to 2 3/4", however, use whatever HST making method you prefer to achieve a 2 1/4" finished HST.
Assemble the HST into rows with one medium/dark triangle each.

Click on the image for a larger version.
The assembled triangular block should measure 11.25”  x 11 .25”  x 15.9” (not including seam allowances)

Thank you and I hope you enjoy making my block!
Let me know if you have an questions.


Canada Post Strike

Hi ladies, just wanted to keep you all in the loop...friday Canada Post went on strike, it's a rotating strike so mail is supposedly still moving...but I had an empty mailbox on friday so I don't know if that was normal or not.


Our mail gets routed through the Vancouver sorting centre, so far it's only been the Hamilton area that has been off (other side of the counrty).

Have a great week!