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Thursday, September 30, 2010

We're full...?

Isn't it always the way that it's famine or feast..?? Minutes after I did the post on here and one on my blog asking for another member I got an email from Linda saying she hasn't forgotten us, she's working on the late blocks and she still wants in! So, we're 12 and full BUT can we go for 13 months??? Or not??? In the same time span I got two emails from lovely girls wanting in but I can't contact Sue (no-reply and private blog) and Kate both want in!!
I'm throwing this in the arena, majority rules by the end of tomorrow (Saturday my time), I'll send you all an email off today as well. Let me know!

Now we are 11....

A quick post to let you all know that we are eleven now, nearly there...!!! Teresa from here is joining us....
One more to go...

Friday, September 24, 2010

We're on the way..

....... to a new round of our bee! Woo Hoo!! Hopefully you've all got my email, I've had replies from some of you, thanks.
We have a couple of new players but we are still only ten!! I'm recruiting as we speak :o)

I'm going to revamp the blog this weekend if that's ok with you all, I thought new bee, fresh start, new look...??? Same name of course just a fresh look...

Tell me if you like this or not....


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beat me with a stick!

I am one of the guilty ones of not finishing my blocks yet. Between Lou's physical traumas and the recurring road trips for elder care, my sewing machine has been neglected for months.

We are on the road again this weekend, but I hope to start sewing next week and catching up on all my blocks. I will get them done and out in the mail as soon as possible. I know I have said that before, but we didn't expect the double pneumonia, the hyperbaric treatments, or the vascular surgery--and having to do EVERYTHING without my partner has truly sucked. So, we have talked and he realizes that the house will get cluttered, the dog hair may float around longer than usual, but that I need to sit down and get some sewing done for my soul.

I would love to be included in another round, and I know that Beebee from AL has been a follower and wants "in" on the second round.

Have a peaceful week-end and I hope fall weather is upon you, we are back in the 90s with humidity again....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Were we planning on starting a second round?

I'm giving up on Angie remembering us LOL. Actually I emailed her personally a few weeks back just to check in, see how she was doing, etc...but she never responded. Anyone else hear from her?

Anyway, if a second round is happening I'd be more then happy to continue on...how is everyone doing? Fall is wonderfully crisp and colourful up here in the Yukon. Wood stoves, crunching of yellow and gold leaves, moose stew...yumm-oh!!!