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Thursday, March 17, 2011

More 30's UFO blocks in the mail...

Thank you to Sue and Vivian for envelopes containing beautiful blocks instead of the normal bills and junk mail!!  (and thank you Sue for the lovely Country Threads pattern - it's right up my alley!!)
The bonus blocks you made with your fabrics are so lovely and blend PERFECTLY with mine!  I am excited to plan the next stage of this UFO "re-wind and re-do!" 

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

African Ladies coming Your Way.

 This will be a bit long and photo heavy.
 Sorry I am so late with this months blocks but life rather got in the way these last few weeks.
I had quite a few different ideas for my block before I settled on this one and I have fallen in love with it. It is not a block I had made before but can see more quilts with this block in them coming up.
I saw a quilt made with these blocks in the book Material Obsession, so I know how I will put them together.
I fell in love with Africa when I visited Kenya (twice) to go on safari. I am a lover of animals in their natural world and to see them in the wild is amazing. The African women I fell in love with- their happy smiling faces, friendly and oh so colourful. Many years ago I joined an African Fat Quarter club so have had these stored away and never used so here is my opportunity.

The Block is called the Double Ohio Star and I have already made a few up- I am going to set them on point but they are made up as a straight setting square so don't worry!
I am sending you the centre square, the cutout black fabric and a coloured fabric that I would like to be the 'star fabric'. 

WHAT I ASK IS could you each add the second fabric from your stash. Bright would be good and anything that blends in?This way it will personalise the blocks for me as 'yours' rather than all mine.
It will mean you need to cut eight, three and a half inch squares of the fabric you choose.
So how to sew the block-
This is what you start with-
one 6 1/2 inch centre fabric
four rectangles 6 1/2 by 3 1/2 black fabric
eight 3 1/2 inch squares of two different coloured fabrics.

Take one black rectangle and two squares of the fabric from your stash. Draw a diagonal line on the squares. Line up one square with one end of the rectangle and sew along the line.

Cut off the outside triangles of both fabrics.
Fold the triangle back into place and press the seam towards the black fabric.
Repeat the process on the other side of the rectangle with the second square.
Repeat with all four rectangles.
Now take two of the 3 1/2 squares that I sent and repeat the above process in the opposite direction.
Sew a black 3 1/2 inch square to the end of two of the completed units
Sew the other two units to the top and bottom of the centre square

then add the units with the cornerstones to the sides of the centre block.
This is what it will look like finished- not perfect seams so don't be a perfectionist.
Then turned On Point-
I hope that makes sense but please let me know if you cannot understand.
Kate- please hand sew if you wish to.
Viv-will send you a centre so you can use orange!!!
Will put the ladies in the post this week. Can't wait to see what 'Our Tribe' will look like.

Leaving NZ's Shores

They will be on their way this week Teresa. Although this was a simple block to put together I was out of my comfort zone with the fabrics. 1930's are not in my stash but I managed to add some! I am now worried that the dark fabric will not fit in but hopefully when it all comes together it will be ok.
I am enjoying stretching myself with this swap-thanks everyone.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Growing Trees

Here are the trees 8 lovely people sent to me and I love them all.
The finished quilt is taking shape in my head and I'm looking forward to putting the blocks together.
I wonder if there are more coming this way. I hope so.
If you have mailed trees to me and they are not in the picture please let me know and I'll wait for them.
Cheers Sue

Monday, March 7, 2011

Teresa's block..

..is in the mail I just haven't got anything to show..! Since my PC crashed and burnt (badly) last week, I'm now on the MacBook and I was sooo sure that I had backed up my last lot of pics, obviously not! Well, I can't find them on the external drive anyway, so sorry Teresa but it's on it's way to you now..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teresa's blocks

Morning fellow quilters.
Teresa, your cheery '30's blocks are complete and will be flying over the Pacific to you today.

I enjoyed playing with the fabrics from my 1930's repro stash again - they are such fun.
Teresa's fabrics on the right, my contribution on the left.

I have 2 quilts in progress from that era; one is a top I rescued where the sashing had been nibbled by a mousie. It was quite easy to replace, so the top only needs to be quilted. It's a wacky string pieced tulip. The other is a fancy ninepatch - I purchased the blocks which needed the "melons" inserted in order to complete the top. The original owner did a nice job making the easy parts but must have baulked at the curved piecing!
Must get them both out for a little fresh air!

It's Friday morning here,  and my day off, so I'm looking forward to a sewing day in preparation for my monthly workshop tomorrow. Hope you all have a great day too!