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Thursday, November 17, 2011

"The Trees" and Lizzie's blocks from Elaine

I've finally turned all my lovely trees into a quilt.
Thanks to everyone in this fabulous "Bee" for your contribution to my little forest.
I love the way it turned out and apart from some wonky quilting
which I'm in the process of fixing it makes me very happy.
 Today I received a parcel from Elaine with 4 beautiful blocks to be included in Lizzie's quilt.
This also made me very happy because now I have 12 blocks and that will make a quilt.
Poor Lizzie drew the final month with this Bee
and sadly some of us are tired of making blocks or are unwell,
or too busy or just don't want to play anymore and
I'm waiting for a parcel from Teresa (on it's way) but I haven't had word from anyone else
 about more blocks coming this way.
That makes me sad because I really wanted to make a quilt for Lizzie
that shows her how much we quilters all care for each other.
Only 6 of us have contributed to this quilt so far....
if you still want to send some blocks for Lizzie's quilt
please email me and I'll wait for your blocks to arrive.
Otherwise it's going to be a lap quilt.
Hugs Sue

Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm a scoundrel no more...yippee!

I'm a scoundrel no more, and boy does that feel good!  I can post these on Monday, Sue and Vivian.

The top two blocks are for Vivian (13-3/4") and the bottom two for Lizzie (12-1/2"), by way of Sue.  I have to admit that I was totally out of my comfort zone on these blocks...and my stash.  I had no Kaffe Fassett fabrics (can you believe it?!?) and not many funky, modern, bold ones, either.  I bought the fabrics a month or more ago, but have not been in the quilt cave in so many weeks due to the big benefit concert I was buried in.  After starting antibiotics and sleeping for 2 days, I finally got into the cave today...yahoo.  I was happy to find that I still know how to drive my sewing machine...

Thank you Bee Balmer's for a fun year of exchanges...and thanks for your patience, as I was often a scoundrel.  Sometimes I think my life is not my own, but I know many of you struggle with the same thing.

Happy stitching!

Teresa  :o)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blocks arriving for Lizzie

Today Marlene's blocks arrived for Lizzie's quilt.
  Here's a picture of the blocks I have so far.
Thanks to Kate, Marlene and Beebee
and a couple from me.
It won't be long before we have enough to sew up for our good friend Lizzie.

If you are still making blocks for Lizzie please let me know and I will wait for them,
 a few more will make a sweet little quilt for her and remember, she did make blocks for all of us.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hearts from around the world........

Thank you all for these beautiful hearts!

I put together the heart blocks from my online quilting bees......I participated in two bees and asked for the same block from both of them.  I got all these blocks.  I used all but 1 small block and I will put it on the back.  This has been a great experience.

I received blocks from:   Australia, Colorado, Texas, Canada, New South Whales, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Washington, Missouri, Louisiana, Georgia, Utah, New Zealand and France.  I think I listed all of the places.