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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

San-Dee's Quilt of Hugs

I'm so sorry I can't locate yet the photo of the finished quilt...but I do have pictures of the top pre-quilted.

I found a piece of very brightly flowered fabric for the back....seriously flowered here ladies LOL...and at first I started free motion quilting but it wasn't making it special.  So I unpicked it and started new doing hand quilting for the first time.  Wow...that's a skill that will take time to become fluent in.  I chose thread colours that went with the fabric used in the individual blocks.

San-Dee, it was a pleasure and I'm happy it made it to you when you really need it.  You take care and heal both emotionally and physically (gotta look after those eyes!).  You are very special.   (((hugs)))  

Thank you my friends for all you did to get this done, you are the best.


I am so honored

We were out of town for a week and arrived back Sunday afternoon. Going through the mail, which my darling daughter #2 had piled on my bed, I saw a large package.  I opened it last because I had a feeling it would be the best.  And I was right!  Inside was a beautiful lap quilt made by wonderful friends from around this world.  I can't tell you how overwhelmed I am at the generosity of you all.  My  dear friend in CA always tells me I look at the world through rose colored glasses (somewhat sarcastically) and she is right-I do look through rose colored glasses and I see wonderful women like you all!

I can't take a picture and post it yet because I need a special size connector.  But I can say that it is absolutely beautiful.  All of you so generously reached out to "hug" me, and Viv-I can't believe you hand quilted the blocks!  This is something I will cherish all my life.  And it couldn't have arrived at a better time.  My second eye surgery to remove the "debris" is scheduled in July and we will be leaving for OH on Thursday as the situation is coming to resolution-the hospice nurse feels it is better if we come in sooner rather than later.

I love all of you for the women you are, that you would reach out and wrap me in your love, and that we get to do this again!  Thank you so much from the bottom of  my heart.
xxooxx, San-Dee

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm ready for another bee!

I would love to take part in another "bee".  Does anyone feel up to a bee challenge?   I can try leading it.  I will need everyone to send me an email with an address and someone will have to show me how to let others post on this site.  I hope we can keep The Bee Balm as our name.  Maybe we can start in the Fall or we can wait and start in January, 2013.  If anyone is interested please email me and respond to this post with any ideas you may have.

hugs from South Louisiana