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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blocks arrived home...

Thanks Karen, Brenda and Sue for your blocks. I'm haunting the post office until the rest come back then I'm determined to put them together straight away as soon as I can...  :o)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

March block instructions

Please note that I made an error in my directions...step 4 should say 

4. Take the tube to your cutting mat.
Square off one end of the tube and then cut the tube into
(6) 2 1/2 inch sections. You will have 6 loops of squares. Now you need your ripper.

not 3 inches.....sorry for this error

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Great Choice!

Here are your blocks...what a great choice you made,I enjoyed making them for you. I am putting this in my go-to pattern for a fun quilt to make, hopefully in the near future.


I can't wait to see your finished quilt. They are winging the way to Australia this morning, or at least when I sleep some. Hugs to you,
(little Gracie Mae likes it!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blocks are on their way

Hi Lizzie,

I received the package with the fabric on Friday and whipped up your blocks on Saturday.  They are in the mail on their way back over the ocean as we speak.  No pinks in my blocks, but lots of pretty red, grey, white and black.

Thanks for a fun and easy block to make out of gorgeous fabric.

Hope you like them!  


blocks on their way home

I finally got to the post office today! I put Lizzie's blocks in the mail.  I mailed all my information for my block for next month too.  I know it is early and I am not trying to rush anything, I just thought since I was going to the post office I should go ahead and mail everything out.

Lizzie, Elisa and I put our blocks for you in the same package.  I hope that was ok.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm just back from a few days visiting family and got home to your package amonst my mail Lizzie. The fabrics look great and the blocks done so far are looking good. Will get onto making mine in the next couple of days.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bee Blocks Finished

I completed Lizzie's blocks. What fun! Easy peasy. Here they are:
These are now winging their way to Lizzie. The post office estimates 1-1/2 weeks. I sent DH to the post office. I hadn't anticipated that there would be customs questions. He was tempted to call me, but he answered the questions himself. From what he told me when he got home (the questions he could remember) he did pretty well. Next!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lizzie's blocks

I love the fabric you picked Lizzie.  The block was fun and easy to do.  Here are the pictures of the ones I came up with.

can't wait to see this quilt.....it will be so different and pretty!

Fabrics arrived

The fabrics arrived from Liz yesterday. What a fabulous pattern, so quick and easy, a bit of stitching, cutting and more stitching and it was back to the post office today.
They are on there way home now Lizzie.

First Blocks


I got my package on Monday and made the blocks that evening.  I started to send them out yesterday, but they are still in my sewing room.  I will try and get them in the mail by Friday.  Sorry not picture yet.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Package Arrived Today

Hey, Liz, your package made it to Kentucky!
   My package arrived today. I was able to get the two blocks pieced before I had to go to a meeting. I will get it sent back to you ASAP, but probably not until Thursday. I had fun with these blocks. I wish you had sent us enough charms to make three blocks so the randomness could have been maximized. Thanks so much, Karen

It's here!

 Lizzie, my package came today! I was very excited to hear I had 2 packages from Australia, according to the hubs! Your package and another. How wonderful they came together! I had to open both packets last night when I got home from work. I had ordered a quilt pattern set from Karen Cunningham a few weeks ago and didn't realize that it was here as well as your packet. Do you suppose they rode together?

Lizzie, I love your block choice and the fabrics are so pretty! I will have 4 days off this week, starting on Thursday, and can't wait to get your blocks back to you! I wanted to let you know they had arrived safely. Now, off to work for me!

Monday, February 11, 2013

I got a squishy little package today

Don't you just love to walk to the mail box and find a squishy envelop in it?   I found one in mine today. I have been checking for it every day for several days and it finally arrived!

Lizzie, the fabric you sent is so nice.  I can not wait to make your blocks.   I plan to get them done quickly, take and post a picture and then pop them in the mail to you.

I hope everyone got their squishy little packages too!

I am working on putting together my block to send out to everyone for March!

hugs  from South Louisiana!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hi, my name is Elaine...

...I am a crafter, quilter, momma, memaw, wife, quilt shop owner and a registered nurse. Our (5) children have all flown the nest so we took off to the Southwest of the USA, from Arizona to New Mexico and settling in Texas. We were originally from Washington state, tired of shoveling snow so headed off for warmer climates. My hubs has been retired for a number of years, does all the shopping, housework and laundry...along with feeding the horses, chickens, dogs and the freeloading cats that show up for the buffet at my house twice daily!

I am blessed with a multitude of grand babies and great grands too! I love to garden, am seldom successful, who cares? I love to create crafty things and quilty items...and give them away. I find it  difficult to sell my quilts but I do.

I work fulltime in a state psychiatric hospital in Texas, now that's interesting! I do have a brick and mortar shop and sell on etsy. Since I work full time, my shop is open 24/7, come on in, cut your fabric, figure the tax out, leave your money...come back soon. Easy peasy.

I have fallen in love with this awesome shop. I keep finding my self on Aussie sites, and was breathless when I went to Karen Cunningham's web page. I bought the patterns for the Irish Circles Quilt, wahoo! Now to get my hands on them!

This is a return visit to The Bee Balm for me. I enjoyed the first one, met some truly talented ladies, and look forward to this one.

Thank you ladies for an opportunity to ya'll. Can't wait Lizzie!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I was sure I took pictures..!

..but it seems I didn't take any photos of the fabric before I sent it to you all! Anyway, I've been really slow in telling you that it's on it's way, been on it's way since last week. so I'm thinking probably next week sometime you should have your little parcels........

Let the fun begin.....