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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

blocks on their way home

I finally got to the post office today! I put Lizzie's blocks in the mail.  I mailed all my information for my block for next month too.  I know it is early and I am not trying to rush anything, I just thought since I was going to the post office I should go ahead and mail everything out.

Lizzie, Elisa and I put our blocks for you in the same package.  I hope that was ok.


  1. of course it is and thanks to both of you, looking forward to seeing what's up for March..

  2. Please note that I made an error in my directions...step 4 should say

    4. Take the tube to your cutting mat.
    Square off one end of the tube and then cut the tube into
    (6) 2 1/2 inch sections. You will have 6 loops of squares. Now you need your ripper.

    not 3 inches.....sorry for this error