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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just made it...

..before the end of the month....

Here you go Tara, gorgeous fabric and easy block, love it..! Be in the mail this week..!

I love this bee, NEXT.............

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mail came!

Tara your fabric arrived yesterday! apparently it went to visit the neighbours first before coming over.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Melina's French Trees

So, here is my block, uncut.
I will be mailing it out to you Sue in the next day.
Hope you like it.

And since I got inspired I made me a little pouch/mini pillow cover I thought I would share.

Thanks to all for great inspiration and letting me be part of this Great Globe Group!
;-) Melina

Friday, January 14, 2011

Vivian's new blog

hi Ladies!!!

Hope everyone is having a nice 2011 so far. I just wanted to update you and let you know that I've decided to start a new blog. I'm trying to leave baggage behind me, and get a fresh start on my life. So clean slate for me!!!


Please stop by and have a look, I only did it tonight so tomorrow I will have more quilty stuff I hope!

Thanks, Vivian

Sunday, January 9, 2011

You'd better sit down Sue, I've finished your blocks....

..a shock I know! I can't believe it's taken me so long to finish these but here they are....

Sorry about the photo quality but it's been pouring down for the last two days with thick fog at the moment, so not good weather for pictures I'm afraid.




and Winter..

..because this is a tree in MY garden and not yours it's covered in frost...!
I didn't cut them, I'll leave that to you. In the mail on Wednesday when I go visit Mum...

ps. I've really, really enjoyed doing these, I can't wait to see how you put it together.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

January is so very.........

Awesome!  I feel like such a weight has been lifted now that the holidays are over.  Life doesn't feel crazy for probably the first time in a year. 

I've got some fabric packaged up and on it's way to  many corners of the globe(well, it will be on Monday!).  Only one block each this month and a pretty simple one too!  This quilt by Rose (is red) was my inspiration.

This will be a values quilt out of Aneela Hoey's fabulous new line Sherbet Pips.  The prints are so stinkin' cute!  Thanks Elaine for getting some early--just for me!

You will each be receiving 16 5" squares, 8 lights and 8 darks.

Please sew them into 1/2 square triangles, with one light and one dark square.  ( Let me know if you don't know about drawing the diagonal line on you light square, sewing 1/4" from the line on BOTH sides and cutting down the line.  If you don't know about this, I'll post a mini tutorial)

Square up to 4 1/2 " and sew together 4 x 4 with the layout in the block above.

Please  make sure the four corners are darks and the center is all lights. The  block should finish up at 16 1/2 x 16 1/2 inches.  Don't worry about squaring up.  Also don't worry about directionality of the prints.  That way, any way can be up as I'm arranging the blocks!

Let me know if you have any questions! 

A seasonal forest for Sue

 A Tree's Year in Review

Here you go, Sue!  I machine appliqued these trees for you using some batiks on your 8 1/2 inch strip.   I did not cut or trim anything in case you wanted to do some other kind of rearranging!  I must say that this quilt has me so very intrigued.  I can't wrap my head around the final vision, so I'm really excited to see the rest of the blocks and the quilt put together!

I was inspired to do the seasons since we have both the north and south hemispheres represented amongst us.  In cold and snowy Colorado it is so inspiring to see those gardens in bloom down south(no, not Texas, Elaine).

Spring and Summer

Thanks to you as well for you patience this month in waiting for your blocks--it's such a busy time for so many of us!  This will be winging it's way to you along with the fabric for January's block on Monday!!

Instructions for January's block in the next post!!