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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lizzie's block

I waited till the absolutely last day of February to work on it but what fun I had today. I needed to be inspired and yesterday's Olympics were just the inspiration I needed. I've been going wild today with my sewing.
I wanted to use some bright fabrics on Lizzie's brown fabric. I love flowers. We have a short growing season and where I live on the mountain, there isn't much dirt...just rock and a bit of slough that the trees manage to grow in (of course they fall over in a big wind)...so no flower garden for me! So I added one lone flower surrounded by acres of brown (ok, not literally acres). I hope you like it Lizzie!
BTW, I got to use my brand new foot today too. Yesterday was 10% off Bernina accessories so I bought my first additional foot. It's specifically for embroidery so you know I had to use it when appliqueing my flower LOL. Yay, it's already paid for itself (so I told hubby).
Take care, Vivian


Hello Ladies,

I'm so looking forward to my month!  Thanks in advance for all the blocks!!

I think this month will be easy.  I mailed out fabric to everyone...even those that said they did not need it...I felt it was only fair to send it to all involved. I mailed everyone a fat eighth of Kona Snow and some pieces of Kona solids in varying colors.  The rest is up to you! 

OK, I have chosen 4 blocks to play with the month.

Friendship Star
Liberated Star
and Flying Geese

I do not have a game plan for the quilt ... I'm just hoping that the blocks you send back will inspire me to put together a great twin sized quilt for my son!  As I said before, I am making 2 twin sized quilts for my son's bedroom.  The first is my color wheel quilt...here is a picture in progress:

The other quilt will be made by 'us'. 
I feel that all colors should be represented in the quilt, so don't shy away from any color knowing that the quilt is for my son.  I have used all the colors in the color wheel quilt, so I am sure they will all work together nicely!  The color wheel's background is Kona Snow also.  Feel free to use the Snow as your background fabric, or the dominant fabric, anything goes!

I am inspired by the works of Gwen Marsten and for this quilt, I hope to use some of the techniques she and Freddy Moran use in the their book, Collaborative Quilting.

On each of the envelopes I mailed out, i listed a quilt block for you to make.  I think I sent plenty of fabric to make more than one if time allows, and I promise they are so easy!!  If you want to make a 'liberated' or wonky block, by all means, please do.  Here are some links to making these easy blocks: and an example I have made:

Shoofly: from quilter's cache ( I would prefer blocks be 10.5 finished and smaller)
and About.com

Friendship star:About.com
or at Block Party...here you can find a wonky version...again, Im looking to stay at 10.5 and under.

Liberated star: a nice tutorial is here at Thesillyboodilly's blog. again at 10.5 and under

Flying Geese...super easy block, and I just love it!  Modify Tradition blog has lots of tutorials one for flying geese and a shoo fly too. (I prefer the traditional version of shoo fly)
another tutorial for flying geese is here.  I easily made 16 flying geese with a fat eight of fabric.  Feel free to make your flying geese any size.
 OK ladies, I think that is all.  Please leave a comment with any questions.  Have fun!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Melina's blocks for Elaine - STAR and for Elizabeth - BROWN AND FLOWER

Those were a lot of fun, I am sorry that I am late. I did enjoy finishing Elaine's star today and start and finish Elizabeth's block.
Here they are. Hope you like them.
Lizzie, is it ok if my block is 16 1/2 by 16 1/4???
I made an error unfortunately. If not, let me know, I can add some fabric to it before I send it to you. It should be fixable...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lizzie's block

Here is my contribution to your quilt Lizzie.  I have Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts book checked out of my local library and am working on a quilt for my son's room...well, this is another idea I found in the book I have wanted to try.  Your fabric seemed like the perfect fit for this project!  I am a no frills kinda gal, so I didn't add any bells or whistles...hope you like it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello Ladies,

I have the privilege of taking my turn next month and I wanted to ask if everyone has Kona solids in their stash or should I continue with my plans to mail some out to everyone?  The only 'required' color will be Kona Snow...anything goes with the other colors of the blocks...



Sunday, February 14, 2010

February block!

I finished your block this morning, Lizzie!  I struggled with ideas, because I wasn't sure what would represent me, but am very pleased with the results!

A little "thread sketching" that mimics the frolic charms and some little bitty half-square triangles that are really sweet!  A bow and button to cover up a not-so-perfect corner and it'll go in the mail tomorrow!

As usual, I'm already really looking forward to next month!

If those of you that were interested in the second bee could please e-mail me--I can't figure out how to get an entire group of 12 to agree at the same time!!  But I want to get started!! taralynnrebman(@)gmail(.)com

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catching Up

Solidia, if the snow ever stops falling, the wind stops blowing, and the county gets a plow down our street, I'll be able to get to the post office and mail the block! I had a hard time with this one, but the paper piecing was fun, I hope it's okay with you.

And Elaine, here's a wonky star for you. If and when we get dug out, this will go into the mail at the same time. I just had to use something bright to remind that spring will come soon...maybe.

I've really gotten a lot caught up since we got snowed in, but it would be nice to get to the store again....

Tomorrow's project is Lizzie's block, and tonight I'll go through some of my books for an idea. I'm a little too new to this quilting genre to be able to pull something out of my head.