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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lizzie's block

I waited till the absolutely last day of February to work on it but what fun I had today. I needed to be inspired and yesterday's Olympics were just the inspiration I needed. I've been going wild today with my sewing.
I wanted to use some bright fabrics on Lizzie's brown fabric. I love flowers. We have a short growing season and where I live on the mountain, there isn't much dirt...just rock and a bit of slough that the trees manage to grow in (of course they fall over in a big wind)...so no flower garden for me! So I added one lone flower surrounded by acres of brown (ok, not literally acres). I hope you like it Lizzie!
BTW, I got to use my brand new foot today too. Yesterday was 10% off Bernina accessories so I bought my first additional foot. It's specifically for embroidery so you know I had to use it when appliqueing my flower LOL. Yay, it's already paid for itself (so I told hubby).
Take care, Vivian


  1. Oh Viv, I love it, absolutely love that flower. So bold and bright! I'm so excited about this quilt - did I say this before? :0)

  2. very nice! I like it a lot!
    I have so much inspiration one day to make all the quilts that we are making together.
    I love the house by Tara, the star, the log cabins... all of them, what inspirations.
    I can't wait to share my idea, I think I have one and my turn is coming up so it was about time.
    Can't wait to see pictures of the quilts that are together already like the log cabin was sooooo beautiful and seeing it all come together is rewarding.