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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blocks arriving for Lizzie

Today Marlene's blocks arrived for Lizzie's quilt.
  Here's a picture of the blocks I have so far.
Thanks to Kate, Marlene and Beebee
and a couple from me.
It won't be long before we have enough to sew up for our good friend Lizzie.

If you are still making blocks for Lizzie please let me know and I will wait for them,
 a few more will make a sweet little quilt for her and remember, she did make blocks for all of us.


  1. Hi Sue and everyone,

    I've been missing in action for weeks getting ready for a huge concert, which was last Friday night. Now I am sick! My strips are cut for blocks for Vivian and for Lizzie and they are first on my "to do" list when the antibiotics kick in. The blocks look really pretty!

    In stitches (and in bed),
    Teresa :o)