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Thursday, September 30, 2010

We're full...?

Isn't it always the way that it's famine or feast..?? Minutes after I did the post on here and one on my blog asking for another member I got an email from Linda saying she hasn't forgotten us, she's working on the late blocks and she still wants in! So, we're 12 and full BUT can we go for 13 months??? Or not??? In the same time span I got two emails from lovely girls wanting in but I can't contact Sue (no-reply and private blog) and Kate both want in!!
I'm throwing this in the arena, majority rules by the end of tomorrow (Saturday my time), I'll send you all an email off today as well. Let me know!


  1. I say the more the merrier! And I'm so glad that Linda hasn't forgotten us! What if we still go for a year but double up on some of the months?

  2. I'm a newbie so I'm happy to go with the flow.
    Two blocks is good - 13 months is good - double months is good. I'm looking forward to it.

  3. 'sokay, if you are too many, I won't be offended!

  4. I agree with Tara, the more the merrier...I don't mind having more than 12,, our quilts will just be a little bigger with more than 12 squares to put into them and that's a good thing!!!
    double months is good too
    I can not wait to get started.

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  6. I am good with the merrier ;-)
    can't wait to start!