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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Were we planning on starting a second round?

I'm giving up on Angie remembering us LOL. Actually I emailed her personally a few weeks back just to check in, see how she was doing, etc...but she never responded. Anyone else hear from her?

Anyway, if a second round is happening I'd be more then happy to continue on...how is everyone doing? Fall is wonderfully crisp and colourful up here in the Yukon. Wood stoves, crunching of yellow and gold leaves, moose stew...yumm-oh!!!



  1. Yep, I want in, I've had a ball with this one. Made lots of pretty cool friends too..! I don't mind what month, although my Aussie bee is Dec/Jan so I might be pushing it for then...
    Let me know and I'll fit in..

    Err, moose stew Viv, I have trouble with Kangaroo steak, don't know that I could do moose ;o)

  2. It's been great fun!
    But I am out. way to busy to keep my head on straight... happy sewing ladies!

  3. I would love to be in for this one too! I "spoke" with Jenny yesterday and I think she wants in too.

  4. I am game for round 2, but I really want everyone else committed too! I am still waiting for a couple blocks from last round believe it or not! so I will say I am officially on the fence! (I thought about it alot last night Elaine and if I do another year I want it rewarding for myself and everyone!)

  5. Jenny, I just wrote you, but I think a more public note would be ok. I had said that Vivian and Lizzie, both, have received less blocks then most. I was lucky to only miss out on one block. I know you still are short blocks. There seems to be other bees out there that are doing well. Maybe we need to shake up the names and put those first that have received less blocks this time? Anyone else have any thoughts?

  6. Honestly, I'm ok with it all. Yes I did miss out on 3 blocks but it's no biggie, just disappointing really that they just can't be bothered...

  7. Ready for round two!
    Missing three blocks too.
    Please let me know if I owe one, I am pretty sure I don't.
    Here in Fort Collins it is still warm but getting cooler at night. No wood burning yet, but I love it and look forward to it, in our 100 year old stove :-)