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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kate's block for June - Winding Blades

Hello, fellow Bees.
I have long admired scrappy quilts, particularly those which appear both simple and complex at the same time.  As well, I joined this group to stretch myself and perhaps learn new skills. With those things in mind, the block that I have chosen for my month is inspired by an antique quilt featured on page 92 of Quilts of Virginia, 1607-1899, made circa 1860 by Susan Spigle of Botetourt County.
Forgive me for not sewing a sample – I’m a little busy at the moment finishing a quilt for our Sydney Exhibition, but I intend to start my HST next week – a new skill for me, having never sewn any in any quantity in my life!!

DON'T FREAK OUT - Its just one triangular block!!

Please choose 2 fabrics from your own collection:
1 medium/dark, and
1 medium/light
go scrappy and use as many combinations of these as you like!

My preference is reproduction fabrics, but the quilt will be scrappy so go for it. The charm of scrap quilts is their variety of fabrics and the charm of friendship quilts is the inclusion of fabrics and combinations from friends that I might never have thought of using myself.

Each block requires 10 HST + 5 medium/dark triangles (the triangles will be half a 2 ¾ “ square cut diagonally)
HST should be 2 1/4" finished (ie not including seam allowance).

My research says you should cut 3 1/4" squares, make your HST then trim back to 2 3/4", however, use whatever HST making method you prefer to achieve a 2 1/4" finished HST.
Assemble the HST into rows with one medium/dark triangle each.

Click on the image for a larger version.
The assembled triangular block should measure 11.25”  x 11 .25”  x 15.9” (not including seam allowances)

Thank you and I hope you enjoy making my block!
Let me know if you have an questions.



  1. Hi Kate! Reproduction fabrics-- are you thinking civil war or 30s or what? Let me know!

  2. Cool, I am excited about making your block or triangle Kate (I will have to read better before I start :o)!

  3. Hi Tara
    Civil war repros are more preferable, but use what ever scraps you have if you don't have any thing along those lines. Thanks!

  4. Oh Kate, when I first read your post I was terrified. Now the photo is there I feel much better. I can do that for you even tho' it's full of triangles. gulp!
    Looking forward to this little test of my abilities.

  5. Hahaha, did you notice how quiet I was too? I saw all those triangles and went white..!! But like Sue, I feel better now that I've seen the big picture (so to speak)! I can do it...can't I? Oh yes, and I've got lots of Civil War so at least I'm on the ball with that part of it :o)

  6. This weekend in Aus is a long weekend, so I'll be I'm sewing my sample probably Saturday - so everyone why don't you hold off and I'll post some process pics!

  7. I've always wanted to try this quilt!! And I have lots of civil war fabrics, so this will be fun!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)