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Monday, September 21, 2009

Block finished...................

One of the reasons that I decided to join this bee(apart from a little friendly pushing from Elaine, and the chance to make 11 new friends), was to push my boundaries a little. I tend to get into a groove as far as colour/pattern choices are concerned, I seem to pick the same type of patterns and the same colour families over and over!
So I thought that having to stitch something someone else has chosen, their pattern and colour, would help me broaden my horizons so to speak.
Talk about being thrown in to sink or swim, boy oh boy, did I get shoved out of my comfort zone on month one!!!
Your fabrics and block design Tara, have made push my boundaries right off the edge!! I do traditional, historical, lots of applique and all in traditional, historical, earthy colours and patterns. Yes I do contempory sometimes, but still in a traditional way!!

Do you know how hard it was to NOT match the fabric, to NOT make the house at least a little realistic, to NOT add some little flowers at the front of the house?????????
It was hard, trust me.

So having said all that, I really enjoyed making it, I hope it's what you wanted and that you like it. It's in the post tomorrow - bring on next month!!



  1. Sweet house Lizzie and your tree is so darling!

  2. I think it's fantastic! And I hope that we can all broaden our horizons a bit as well! You're right about it looking like it's raining ducks!

  3. Cute! Cute! And I agree, making new friends is fun as well as stepping out of the box a bit. :)