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Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm just catching on to how this blog is working. Sorry for the delay. I am crossing my fingers that I am doing this right...
I'm French and German and I live in Fort Collins.
I have a husband: Brian and a dog: Vatito.
I'm thirty and work at a yarn shop, I love knitting, weaving, spinning, crocheting and I guess almost anything crafty.
I have been sewing since I was about 12 or so and doing mostly repairs on garments, then started making some skirts a friend's wedding skirt...
The last and first "patchwork" I made was a baby blanket for one of my cusine's son. It consisted of 20ish squares that I sewed together in a random/organized way and stuffed with an old blanket that I folded in four and cut to the size I needed. As you can tell I am a fan of recycling!
Again, sorry I am so late, I'm a novice at Quilting, blogging... so hope you will be patient with me too.
I'm going to get busy doing my square now! I'm excited!
A bientôt, bis bald,
ps: I have a very fresh blog if you are curious: http://melimome.blogspot.com/
couldn't figure out how to make it a hyperlink ;-(


  1. Looking forward to working with you Melina! Your blog looks v nice!