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Sunday, September 6, 2009

September Quilt Blocks

Here goes nothing! Your fabric will be in the mail tomorrow--I apologize for it's lateness, but there were some minor technical diffucuties on my end.

You will each be receiving a fat quarter of a blue 30s repro, a fat eighth of a green 30s repro and a small bag of scraps-- vintage and repros.

From that fabric I ask you to make me one 16" block. I was able to make a 16" and a 12" block out of my fabric, so you should have plenty! Feel free to add any repro fabric scraps of your own, I'm not too picky!

I am shamelessly mimicking Amanda Jean, who is mimicking John, who is channeling Ingrid Press and this quilt. Feel free to look to them for some inspiration.

I would like the blue to be the sky and the green to be the grass, the house is yours to build as you see fit. Please keep the house smaller than 5x5 and larger than 2.5x2.5.

Thanks you all so much for playing along! I can't wait to see what you make and what I get to make for you in the coming months!!!


  1. That sounds really cool Tara. Now forgive me but I'm new to this.

    Can we add anything else to the house block or must it just be a house (tree, sun, flowers etc)?

    Does it have to be pieced or can I applique the house?
    Sorry, but I don't know the 'rules' for a quilting bee so I'm going to be asking heaps of questions I think??

    I can't think of anything else right now, LOL.
    Have a great day,

  2. I heart "that" quilt! This sounds fun, can't wait to get started. Elaine

  3. Hi Tara, I think this looks like loads of fun. I too have seen this quilt and thought it would be fun to make...so thank you for the motivation to try a block (or two!!).

    I assume we are expected to return the block to you by the end of the month (or as close as possible)? Right?

    Can I use some of my own blues/greens repro fabrics for the sky and grass or should I use only what you have sent for those elements of the block?

  4. You may piece or applique the blocks--I'm fine with either. If you want to add some flowers or trees, that's fine, please just keep the block simple--not too overdone.

    You can use whatever 30s repro fabric that you already have, so long as it's keeping with the blue sky/green grass theme.


    I'd like the blocks back by the end of them month, but since you'll be getting the fabric late, I'll not hold you too that--just try to get them back as soon as you're able.

  5. wow...how cool. Ok, I don't have any 30s repo fabric so I will be using your entirely. Now to put my thinking cap on!

  6. okay, I will be the real dork here. I'm just not understanding how this works, did I miss a post? What I understand is that we will be getting fabric and size and theme instructions to make blocks for each other, and we will send/get them in return? and if we have extra material from the stash sent us, we can make a block for ourselves? then once we get our blocks back, we'll put them together and share the results?

    I really hope this is what's happening because it seems like a lot of fun, and a chance to do different kinds/sizes of blocks.

    I guess it's because I really don't know what a quilting bee is, hmmm?

  7. Tara...I couldn't wait for your fabric, so I tried one of these blocks with my own 30 repro's and wow, it's a really neat block...though I think my house turned out sort of clownish, Im glad I tried it first with my own fabric!! It took me a few tries to get a roof on properly!! Thanks again for this fun block suggestion...can't wait to see your finished product!

    oh, one other thing...any specifications on how much grass vs. how much sky? Do you want the house to be relatively centered in the 16 in square? Are you sashing these blocks?

    ok, guess that was more than one question! Just things I thought of as I was trying my hand at this block.

  8. I 'm enjoying this so much! AHHH!

    Okay--I love San-Dee's idea where --For example-- I keep all the scraps that are left once I've made your block and I make myself a block similar to keep for a SECOND quilt that will incorporate EVERYONE'S quilts!!!!!

    That doesn't mean you need to send as much fabric as I am--I didn't really think it through--just wanted you to have enough! But we could add our own fabric to whatever scraps we have and end up with 2 awesome quilts!!!

    I'm totally making this up as I go! So, San-Dee, you haven't missed a thing! If you haven't seen your month, I posted it on tinkerfrog.blogspot.com

  9. Now for jenny's question. I am not looking for centered blocks. That being said if you want your house front and center, go for it. I eyeballed it. And mine are in the middle. Go with your gut.

    I'm not sashing this(at least in my head) and I think different heights of grass just denotes a neighborhood. Or the one's with Big Skies might be in Montana? Do you want to make and Adobe house? OK!

    I'd love to see different house styles. Like clown ones. Can you post a picture? You can just keep the fabric I'm sending and mail me your block! I'm so glad you're already playing!

  10. Thanks for clearing all that up Tara ;o) I like the idea of having a quilt that encompasses a block from each of us plus your own quilt. Just one last one. Can we post photo's of the blocks as we make them or not?

  11. I would love for everyone to post pictures if they'd like to! And I' like for us to all post pics of our finished quilts as well!

  12. Hi Tara, sorry but I cannot find the month listing on tinkerfrog...I looked all over. What did I miss? frustrated, Elaine

  13. Oh yeah--sorry I sent in in an e-mail, not on the blog. SORRY!!

    September: Tara
    October: Shelly
    November: Victoria
    December: Solidia
    January: Elaine
    February: Elizabeth
    March: Jenny
    April: Melina
    May: Linda
    June: San-Dee
    July: Vivian
    August: Angie

    Here you go! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  14. boy, I could be in some trouble!! It sounds like y'all really know what you are doing when it comes to blocks-my official foray into this world is "flying geese"--that said, I have about 15 or more quilt books, so I know I will come up with something other than "cut me a 10 inch square and mail it..." teasing aside, this is really just the kind of thing I need to get me started. thanks, Tara, you're a peach!

  15. San-Dee, let me know if you'd like me to walk you through what I did. I think we'll all learn a lot from one another with this! If you can do flying geese, then you can do an awesome roof! now you just need to understand a log cabin block and you'll have all you need!

  16. yippeeee! I get to play! i got home and found your fabrics!!! I better unpack my sewing machine!!