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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello everyone, I am Jenny from Indiana. I have been quilting for probably 15 years, but on and off...thought I would start with my moms scraps from our clothes as kids and it's the most awful quilt you can imagine, but I keep it anyway for all the wonderful memories. I have never taken a class although I wish I would. Just joined a local guild about 6 months ago and have really enjoyed that.

I am mostly a stay at home mom, but I do work a few hours outside home at the office I worked before my daughter Colette was born four years ago. I also have a 20 month old son, Hugo. These two keep me busy and I find that the only time I have to quilt is night when they go to bed...I've been trying to fine tune my priorities so that I can quilt more, but we shall see!

I have been buying fabric like nuts lately...it just makes me so happy!! Really time to buckle down now...am so excited to send a bit of fabric to you all for a lovely block in return. And I am excited to receive your fabrics and to try my best to turn it into something lovely for you!

I hope to hear more about each of you, and look forward to getting to know you all and sewing together!


  1. You should post a picture of your scrap quilt! You should see my first hideous attempt!

  2. Really too hideous to pull out from under the bed...did I mention I cut a mattress pad out for the backing? from the goodwill...yeah, you really don't want to see it...I was only 16 though...but still!!