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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quick before we leave

Before we leave for temple for Yom Kippur services, I wanted to put up my block for Tara. As you know, I'm a quilting newbie, and haven't had any classes or read enough tutorials. So, this block probably has a few things that should have been done a different way. But, it's a learning process, right? I wanted to try and use all the patterns sent, but I didn't quite make it. Here's the house:

and here's the whole block, I wanted to try a nine patch and did pretty well matching the seams, but the hill of grass on the left was a little tricky. I think I need to read about triangles......

I hope you enjoy it, Tara, it'll go out Tuesday afternoon, after work. love ya, San-Dee


  1. San-Dee your house and block are so cute. I love the hill.

  2. San-dee, This block is very cute! Do your thing!!

  3. Oh cute and I love the hill. I was thinking of doing one too b/c I love putting in curves.

  4. I'm so, so excited to put this together! San-Dee, it rocks! I'm going to get a picture tomorrow of all of the blocks I've gotten so far to show you all!!