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Saturday, September 5, 2009

hi, all!

Hi, everyone! I'm San-Dee, and very excited about this virtual quilting bee as it will be my first. I am a very new quilter-I made my first quilt within the last two weeks for my younger daughter. I have been collecting quilting books forever, and decided it was time to try it.

the background information: I've been married for 28 years to my best friend in the world, and we have two daughters who are in their early twenties. Though a teacher by education, I spent most of my working life in different phases of the financial industry: credit unions and currently the finance department of a large family owned company centering around publishing.

We moved to Bethesda, MD ten years ago when my husband, Lou, was transferred by his employer, NASA. I miss the CA life and most of our family still on the West Coast, but I have learned to live with the humidity of the northern South.

I have been sewing forever, and also enjoy crochet and knitting. I met Tara through an apron swap, and we have become fast online friends-if Lou plans out the road trip he wants to take next summer, Tara and I will meet in person since I can't get to the quilting retreat. This has been a difficult summer for me as I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have gone through two surgeries. The most important lesson I learned is that it is okay to put myself first and do the things I want/need to do, rather than put them off to do the things I "ought" to do. This has been incredibly liberating for me. (What mother ever learned to say no?)

I have no clue what we are supposed to do in the bee, but I am very good at following directions! I like getting to know other crafters and sharing our love and pride of things hand-crafted. I have a blog at sno-wear.blogspot.com that journalizes the past few months of what I have gone through, and shows some pictures of things I have done recently.

I love that this community brings together all ages and experience levels. Let the good times roll!!

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  1. Hi San-Dee, nice to meet you, I'm glad that there is another 'Bee' novice on board. Hope you are looking after yourself and that your health is on the improve.
    Big hugs, lizzie