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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to get the button

If you like it, I think you can just add a picture as a gadget somewhere on your blog, and others can:
1. Save picture as (to save it to their computers)
2. Add the gadget to their own blogs
3. Then hyperlink it to your blog

This was what Heather told me to do to get it on my blog. So left click on the button and save image somewhere on your computer. You should be able to add this as a gadget(if you use blogger,if not, you're on your own!) by adding a picture. I thought I didn't get it and it took only a couple of minutes!

By the way, if you leave comments but have a no-reply e-mail, then it's really hard to answer your questions. So if you'd like to have us reply, just please understand when we don't get back to you!

Let me know if you have any other questions!


  1. I got the button, thank you so much, I love it!
    I don't understand the no-reply e-mail issue but I don't know if I am concerned or not. I don't get any messages to my g-mail regarding the blog comments. I guess I'm going to try to fiddle with my settings, not sure where I am going though...

  2. I think I'm gadget-less! I will just post a regular link in my sidebar...I'll play with it and see if there's a way. BTW, pretty button, thank you!