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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hey Y'all, from Texas!

My name is Elaine and I live in Canton, Texas. I am 56 years old and have a sister in Canada I have never met face to face. Her mama and our daddy were married before he married my mama. We have met on the phone and email, but not face to face...that's for next spring. I want to show here the bluebonnets in Texas. We were both born in January, both "crafty", broke our left forearms, work in healthcare, very cute and perky...lol. I can't wait to meet her! It takes forever to get the papers to go anywhere anymore!

My husband and I moved here by way of Tucson, Arizona and Deming, New Mexico. We are originally from NE Washington State.

After my kids were all in high school I started nursing school (omg, what was I thinking?). After I had had a few years experience, we packed up, sold the farm and moved away from ice and snow. Now we only have spiders as big as frogs, average rainfall is 43 inches a year, WE HAVE NEVER WATERED OUR LAWN, and we use our ac @ 9 or more months a year...sometimes in the same day as the heat. We also get to see wonderous sights such as tornados and hurricaines! Chicken fried steak is a food group. But, we love it, lol! We have dogs, a burro, paint, 2 mini horses and each other.

We have 5 adult children scattered from California, Washington and Texas. We also have 2 grand babies on the way to = several! Plus 2 great grandbabies (do I have to dye my hair lavender now?).

I signed up for a quilt class several years ago and never finished the quilt. The instructor was a cross between gunny (that big mouthed gunnery sargent on mail call), Don Rickles and an alligator. I didn't finish the class. When my baby boy was @ 8 he came to me and asked if I would make him a quilt for his first baby....where do they get those ideas...so off to the cheapest stores we could go to. I did everything wrong...the ugliest quilt ever. It has always hung in our home because my son was so proud of it, he had helped arrange the patches, lol. He is married and is expecting his first born in Jan. Yep, he has "the" quilt and is totally in love with it. You know, it's ok to make quilts you may be embarrassed about. Somebody loves them.

I also knit, crochet, hook rugs, embroider and needlepoint. I am not working (as a nurse) right now. I have a few "issues" to work on first, then I'll get to it. I am very good at mail but the pc...be patient, I'll get to it!

I have resisted signing up for different things online because I am not sure what is expected of me. But I want to do this. I was very happy to see you Lizzie...wahoo, I know you! Tara...bring it on, we might be ready!

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