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Sunday, October 4, 2009

September and October blocks

I got a late start due to the mail but I'm finished Tara's september block! I enjoyed building my little house. I've always wanted a house with a red door. Some day...

And I've started the October blocks. And here's where I have a question. Please check my photo. I've sewn one triangle to the leg of the X and when I press it looks like the triangle is way too small. Is that how it's supposed to look?



  1. forgot to mention that I have already pieced two legs of the X to the centre squares, that's why it looks a bit rectangular instead of squares.

    I just wanted to check on the triangles before I went too far.

  2. yep, mine were like that, then when you square them up, or trim them, you get a 6.5" block. looks good!

    Sounds like we should send out are fabric a little extra early so they get to everyone!

  3. Vivian, Your blocks look good and they will square up perfectly. Luv the house with red door.

  4. Whew...now I can finish these up.

  5. Very cool!
    I get to see some of the tools I need too...