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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Opinions Needed

Hi Guys,

Fall is finally here in Georgia. The temperature right now is 65 and I have my sweatpants and sweatshirt on. No, sewing so far this morning just blog reading and Christmas gift idea hunting. I plan to get so much done this weekend and next weekend I can't wait.

I wanted to ask you though what you are making for your family and friends this Christmas season (if you celebrate) especially the grown men. Since the economy's downturn a couple years ago this year has been the hardest for us, no more juicy steak dinners each weekend :(, so I am trying to make gifts that will be useful. I have relatives who I feel expect gifts from us and as my husband say that is the way they do things. I have suggested adopting a family instead of giving gifts to each other or volunteering at the local Salvation Army but that is not their cup of tea. So I need some ideas of what to make my adult family members who don't like country items. I have thought about doing a table runner, place mats, pot holders and dish towel and have it all matching but if I give that to a couple I feel like that is more for the female and the man isn't getting anything. Am I worrying to much what they think?? So what are you making?

Oh, for my niece and nephew I am making a Lap Desk, Crayon Roll, and hopefully a bag for it all to fit in with a coloring book or good craft paper. They will be getting the same thing so I hope that is fine. Would you kids mind getting the same thing just different fabric design?

Thanks for the Feedback,

P.S. This is formatted like an email because I should have sent it out that way but don't have every one's addresses. Also, I have NO and I mean N O friends that know how to operate a sewing machine so thanks for the friendship.


  1. Angie, I can sympathize, I have one friend here in MD that even knows what a sewing machine is, and I really don't have many friends here but the folks from my husband's work.

    I too am making placemats and coasters for much of the family. My brothers-in-law are getting basic butcher style aprons done in "manly" prints I found at www.bearpawquilting.com in the 3.99/yard sale listings. this is the third time I'm ordering from them and I'm very pleased with what I've received before. I just can't afford the local store's $9+/yard for everyone, and this way it works. We have done the donations one year-people weren't happy-and the year we tried to pick names, some people didn't follow through and lots of us didn't get anything (hmmm, am I still bitter?:-).)

    I don't think your niece and nephew will mind the same gift. You didn't say how old they were, but I've done "same gift/different sibs" many times with my nephews and daughters, and they didn't mind. Hopefully, they will have been taught to appreciate the gift they are given rather than complain that someone else got the same thing.......

  2. I do family gifts... Food recipes, placemats, spice mixtures, family cookbooks, pre-mixed homeade pancake ingredients, homemade hot chocolate, napkins, coasters, coffee cup cozies, with a new coffee cup inside of it... etc. when I can get by with that... I only have nieces, so I cant' really say about boys... Envelopes/small bags out of fabric that hold gift cards... or cd cases, ipod coversBedding stuff, pillowcases, blankets, hmm, I need to start thinking about that stuff too.
    good luck. those are all my go to ideas... so i am all for you adopting a family for gifts...

  3. I like the idea of family gifts--maybe some popcorn, candy and a movie for a family with kids--you can find the paper
    (or plastic) popcorn boxes that would be a really cute addition.

    Depending on your budget, you could make the guys ladder golf games. All you need is some pvc, connectors, and old golf balls. In Georgia you could even play this on Christmas if the weather cooperates! You can look up instructions for buildingthe game on the internet.

    Do you knit? An entire family of felted wool slippers is always a hit! We even wear ours around here in the summer, so they wouldn't be too warm.

    The kids gifts sound great--different fabrics for the boy and girl are the way to go!

    And I'm always a fan of homemade goodies. Bags of truffles, caramel popcorn, with a quilted Christmas ornament maybe?

    I would express an interest in drawing names or just telling everyone that you don't want to participate in exchanging gifts this year, though. Just because that's the way they do it doesn't mean it's the way you do. It only feeds the crazy consumerism that is America and we all understand about tightening our purse strings.

    My family draws names among the adults and all of the kids get gifts. It works great and we put a $50.00 limit on it. With a price like that, it takes effort and thought to get a gift truly intended for the recipient. We have a no gift card policy!

    Hope that helps--I got kind of long winded!