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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Novemeber packets

November Blocks for Victoria

Hi Everyone!~ I'm so excited!
Packets of my fabric are being mailed thursday a.m.
Here's whats inside...

Each person will receive a packet of strips + one little brown shape,to make wonky log cabins.
(if you don't know what that is,
just start sewing strips around the outside of the middle block and keep going...)

Please use the light pre cut brown square-ish shape enclosed to start your large block.

do not square them off. keep it wonky.

Work round and round until you have no more fabric that will make it around the block.

When you have done so,and your left with little short pieces
that don't fit all around the big block,
begin a separate one out of the scraps, like the mini one to the right of the big block above.
any scrap can start the mini one...

GOAL: Please attempt to use ALL the fabric.
(On mine, i used everything i could except for that last scrap of yellow below the mini one.)

Please send all scraps back to me along with the two blocks.
Every last bit is going into this quilt.

Please do NOT ADD ANY FABRICS. Use ONLY what I have enclosed.

You do not need to square off the block and don't worry about the finished size, as all will be different with all the different size strips I cut randomly...

Thanks ladies! It's been fun so far!



  1. This is fantastic! I am just going thru Gwen Marstons new book "Abstract Quilts In Solid" and the book just jumped off the page and landed on your post! I am SO EXCITED to try this and see what you come up with. I was even thinking I might want to do something like this for my month!!!!

  2. How exciting. Walk away from the square ruler Vivian, walk away. LOL.

  3. cool, I'm so excited about learning something new everytime.
    youpi !

  4. Hey V, This looks fun! I can't wait!

  5. Okay-this looks like I could handle it! I'm not having a lot of luck with squares yet, but that probably comes with practice, right?

    So, where did the term wonky come from?

  6. The log cabin will be a first even though I have thought to do it several times.

  7. I honestly just had a dream about making your block during a nap this afternoon! I had way to many scraps left over and felt really bad! Funny how our minds work.