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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

French German Tiles :-)

My first try! It was so fun.
I used some scraps of random colors just to practice and I realize I will need a few tools so that my squares are square, my triangles triangular...
But it was a great new learning experience for me. Makes me realize all you can do when you start knowing what you are doing ;-)
So they are Katywampus but I will get the right tools and do better on the real deal...


  1. Melina, they look great! you can come over anytime and we can get them cut and sewn if you'd like! Let me know when you're available! I love that we have all different skill levels going on here! It makes us all appreciate where we were when we began and how much there always is to learn! Why do I always end sentences with exclamation points?

  2. Melina, These blocks look GREAT! The more you do the better you will get, so you are well on your way. Also, I'm not that concerned with perfection, just do your best is all I ask. These blocks are going into a scrappy quilt and a little imperfection will make for a more interesting quilt. I appreciate your effort.

  3. yeah :-) thanks!
    Tara, I'm not sure, how about Sunday or I am off Monday too...
    why do you always end your sentences in exclamation points? Because the banana is yellow...