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Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date..............

...........or so says White Rabbit.
Sorry Solidia, it was always going to be a tight fit for the December block wasn't it? Anyway here it is, will be in the post tomorrow. I thought that I would take a photo out in the gorgeous, warm sunshine seeing that I'm the only one of us not in the deep, dark depths of winter! Yes I know, feel free to send me sunny photo's in August when I'm freezing (or at least the Australian version of freezing)!

This was new for me too as I've never done foundation piecing before, can't wait to see this one finished it looks so bright and breezy and what an easy block to do, lots of fun. I might have to look at this one for some stash busting for myself??

Ooohh, next month is my turn and I have my plans in place, so looking forward to it. I'm really enjoying this whole Bee. Tara are you still thinking of starting a second one, I'm interested if you are??

Waiting for Elaine's to arrive now. Oh yes and Happy New Year everyone, hope it's safe, happy and productive for us all.




  1. Wow Lizzie, I am loving your block! No rush on finishing the block for me, no worries, hugs, Elaine

  2. Thanks for the block and the pretty picture!! We have been getting quite a bit of snow here and I could use some sunshine. :)

  3. yeah, it is beautiful and colorful and it is so nice to see the sun, makes me feel warmer already...