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Sunday, January 10, 2010

December and January blocks

Hello ladies!!!! You know when it's my turn to send out I think I'll send a month early b/c my mail takes forever LOL. BTW, I think I have an idea in my head about what I want to do...I know it's months away, but I'm thinking pinwheels. Just a thought.

Anyway, here is the December block! What fun was this, I loved the scraps Solidia sent out.

And I was able to finish the January block as well! This one was a bit harder for me LOL. I discovered that during my average quilting day, I tend to be a bit obsessive about being precise. Which is such an eye-opener because in life I'm very "whatever". I don't follow recipes...I stitch/design cross stitch as I go...I usually end up wearing two different socks...I've dyed my hair blue...I'm not big on conforming. So you would think that this would be perfect for me. LOL...So I had to keep telling myself not to be exact...and now that I'm done, I'm worried I didn't go wonky enough! Thanks for stretching my quilting boundaries!


  1. The blocks look great Viv!

    hope you liked a little wonky cause my month is coming and and I am feeling wonky!!

  2. Wow Viv, totally perfect! You picked the perfect match to make my block...I am loving it! I can hardly wait to make this quilt, what an honor to have so many talented quilters making blocks! Thank you so much Viv, you did such a nice job! Warm hugs, Elaine

  3. Viv Yukon? That makes you sound like a heroine in a "novel"! Sorry--sure it was just a typo(see bottom of your post), but it made me giggle!

    I love your blocks and I love pinwheels! I'm sure you're used to it, but I always feel for you when we're already making our blocks and you haven't even seen the fabric yet! I picture you quite in the wilds!

  4. Thanks Viv, the block looks really nice!