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Monday, January 4, 2010

january block

Hi all! Happy New Year!

Sorry Elaine, This photo is really bad.. it's dark out, my camera battery was dead, and this was the best my phone could do.... excuses, right? ;-)
I'll update the photo when my batteries are charged...
the fabric is actually light periwinkle, pink and with little red leaves , with a dark red center block...
Love the wonky stars... Always fun to make!
Hope you all are staying warm, because it is CCCOOOLLLDDD here!


  1. Oh my goodness...it's so darn cute! Now, why did I know you would use red, lol? I love,love,love it to pieces, thanks so much! Hugs, Elaine

  2. I haven't received my fabric pack yet.

  3. I just heard from Solidia and she has not received her fabric pack...anyone else having that problem? I would expect that Yukon Viv and Elizabeth in Australia might have a mail delay. Please let me know if anyone else hasn't received theirs please...Thanks, Elaine

  4. waw, I love this, I am sooooo late ;-) I'm going to put the turbo on here I promise.
    It is really cold here too. We have some fresh wood and it does not burn well...

  5. sorry, forgot to mention, I did get my packet.

  6. No package yet...but last month's took 23 days to get to me so I'm not concerned...I'll always be the late one ladies!

  7. Hi Elaine, today is Thursday, Jan 7th here and I just picked up your envelope from the post office, thanks. Shall be into the wonky star probably this weekend, weather forcast is for 38 decrees Celsius for the next 4/5 days. Good weather to be in front of the air con I think.

  8. Oh Lizzie...add a minus to that and you'll have my temperature the last few days (although we warmed up today to -14C with a windchill making it -34).

    And yay!!!! My envelope with fabric came today. Who did you bribe at the post office?