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Saturday, January 23, 2010

My wonky stars blocks

I was very happy today...my blocks came in from Australia and The Yukon, wahoo! Ladies..you did a spectacular job, my heartfelt thanks. This is so cool, block(s) from overseas to warm myself with. You know, it just doesn't get any better then that...if you zoom in you can enjoy my weird obsession, pink flamingos, lol. Yeah, they're in the living room and the hubs just smiles.


  1. Oh I'm so glad it arrived already!

    The blocks look great.

  2. They're looking great together Elaine, it's going to be awsome finished.

  3. they look great! i think they twinkle!

  4. I love how much wonkier they look together! I felt that mine could have been a bit more off kilter when I made it, but I like them seeing them together so much!!

  5. Very wonderful stars! What fun! Come over to my blog and see my flamingos - they are a big favorite in our house too!

  6. It looks fantastic, even if it is missing my block.... but, things are settling in my life-how weird is that?- and on Thursday I will be catching up on my blocks, and aprons, and Sarah's dress, and Lilli's blouses, and .... and hopefully get things into the mail this weekend.

    And I, too, am a flamingo freak-front yard, living room, kitchen, and jewelry...

  7. lol, San-Dee, when the roofer came to my home to install a new metal roof, I told him I had a head count of 17 flashy, funloving, frivolous, funky flamingos...and I was counting them before her pulled out of the driveway! Funny, I thought he liked me, lol! Yep you guys, 17 JUST in the front flower bed! And San-Dee, I am not in any hurry, slow down girl. My new granddaughter arrived for my birthday and I was there. Needless to say, it's going to be some time before my head de-swells (is that a word?) and I get busy on that quilt. Take your time, really, k? I have a pic on my soggybottom blog of the new wee one....born 4hrs and 42 mins before my birthday. She would have been later but the dr. was in a hurry to get her born, silly man! So to whomever: don't sweat the blocks, k? Much huginess, Elaine

  8. nice!
    can't wait to see this one put together also.
    I am working still on mine right now and will try to get it done soon.
    how fun, I love it!