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Thursday, January 14, 2010

February.........it's my month..........

Hi everyone,
I'm posting fabric later today so I'm hoping you all get it by February, especially you Viv, you must hate being last all the time :(
So, here's all the lovely bundles of fabric before I put them in the envelopes, don't they look gorgeous? I'm doing something totally different for my month...........
...........it's ok, you can breathe, it's not hard at all!!
This chocolate and white is the background fabric and that's all I'm sending, the rest is your choice..............? I'm making a 16" block with applique on it, using probably the fabrics below, mainly aqua, pinks, some blue and some green.
You can use whatever you like and put the block together however you like!!!
I'd like a finished size of 16", so 16 and a half I guess OR anything divisable to make that size! For example, 4 X 8" blocks or two panels of 8"X 16".........does that make sense??

I don't mind as long as I can fit them all together later. Your choice of piecing or applique, hand or machine stitched, stars, logs, flowers!! I just want something that you would make for yourself, you know, something that's you - not me! I'm hoping that the background will pull it all together later, what do you think? Am I mad? No, don't answer that it's rhetorical! Really it is!

I would like to be able to look at this quilt and tell my grandkids that Viv made this block and she lives all the way up here or Victoria made this one and she lives in New York and she loves that red, Elaine from Texas made this, etc, etc, you get my drift?

I'm starting my block this afternoon so I'll post a picture when it's done. I'm so excited about this quilt, I know it's going to be fabulous, so varied and unpredictable, I love it and it's not made yet. LOL!
To answer Elaine's question and a bit more clarification..........yes, beads, buttons, wool and felt are fine. I'm not a frilly, frippery girl so I would prefer it if you didn't put ribbons, bows or lace on, anything naive, prim, country or contempory is fine just not frilly and lacy please. I've posted the fabric but I've also discovered that I've stuffed up the cutting, so instead of getting a piece of fabric 22" x 17", which was what I thought I'd cut, you will get a piece that is only 13" x 22". If you want to do an applique square it will have to be 12" x 12" I guess! I told you it was going to be varied and gorgeous didn't I...............
Oh yes, and the only colours I really, really dislike are purple and neons. Cheers.


  1. Great idea! I love do-it-yourself.

  2. Wow Lizzie, this just keeps getting better and better! Just a quickie question: Are elements such as button or beads ok? I probably won't use them but just in case, lol! Oh boy, this is gonna be fun, later, moi

  3. Oh what pretty fabric!!!!
    I just spent a lovely couple of hours at the quilt shop today picking out the rest of the fabric for the Border Creek Station mystery quilt (we get our first instalment tomorrow!!). So my head is full of pretty, pretty fabric. You said you like purple right? (LOL...Just kidding). You mentioned embelishments...hmmm...I recently added rabbit fur to a mini-quilt...but that might be going too far. And it might not make it out of customs LOL.

    Ok, I'm excited, even if I'm last.

  4. Lizzie, I received the fabric in the mail today. How pretty! Now to figure out what to add to it. Hmmm...

  5. ok, Lizzie, I have an idea for my block, but Im not sure of the finished size now...what size do you want these finished? 12.5 or 16.5??