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Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is Sue signing in

Hello fellow quilters

Sue on retreat, sewing in jammies
 I'm excited to be joining this group and have been a follower since meeting Lizzie for real in Melbourne back in May.
Here is a little about me.
Home: A restored cottage circa 1880 in Dongara, Western Australia. Close to the beach and river, surrounded by farmland and two minutes drive from town and work. Perfection.
Family: "The bloke" who I married when I was 17.......a long time ago..... and our 4 grown children, two of them have produced our 5 gorgeous li'l grandies
Work: Spending the afternoons in the office of the local glazier to finance my fabric habit.
Love: (apart from the obvious family) Quilting and crafting. I think I made my first quilt before 1972, it's in a photo with the first born when she was a toddler. Design and drawing. Nature and animals. Travelling, reading, blogging, music, cooking and talking.
Dreams: Travel to US and Europe, own a long arm quilting machine, build a straw bale structure, learn as much as I can about everything, live long enough to achieve some of the aforementioned and remember what it is I want to do.
Faults: I'm bossy, untidy, way overweight and forgetful.


  1. Well of course I'm happy you've joined us Sue, bossy, untidy, overweight and forgetful, that sounds just like me, no wonder we became friends...

  2. This is great! Sue, you sound just like someone I would love to know in person. I'll tempt you: Get yourself to the Washington DC area and you've got a free place to stay--and that goes for anyone in the group! We live a mile walking distance from a metro stop, and you can get about anywhere using the metro.

    I prefer to think that we are strong-willed- fashionably laid-back-robust Rubensesque-and willing to delegate minor information to others women. besides, who setting the rules:)

    glad you're along for the fun.

  3. Hi Sue!!!

    You know, you remind me of a quote that I recently read that is attributed to Michealangelo when he was in his 80s. "I'm still learning."

    Let's have fun!!

  4. Welcome Sue!
    And like Dan-Dee said if you are ever in Colorado, you have a place to stay in Fort Collins as well. When I am in France, hopefully January (my husband is waiting for a response) if not March, you are all welcome to visit me there.
    I'm ready :-)