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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I love the energy!

hi, all! I finally got to open my laptop and it's so nice to see all this energy flowing around the world! this is going to be fun, a real "a-ven-chure" as the redhead used to say.

Fall is coming to Maryland and it's wonderful. Sunny, cloudy, breezy and cool! I'm feeling a gazillion times better than I have for weeks. Of course, it may be due to the fact that I'm trying to go gluten-free for a week. I read about it while I was waiting for my bone density scan last week, and thought I'd try it. Or, it might be due to the DSW therapy I had after the scan when I bought 3 pairs of shoes-in defense, let me say right away that 2 pair were on markdown and I had a $50 gift card.

Honestly, there is nothing like a few pairs of new shoes to make this girl smile....


  1. If it makes you smile San-Dee, then it's worth the price I say...

  2. Glad to be working / playing with you again this time around San-Dee!