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Sunday, October 3, 2010


You're probably right, Viv, I was just so excited anyway--talking about fabric does that to me!

For the newbies: I'm San-Dee, in Bethesda, MD. I'm 59 going on 30 something. I have been sewing and crocheting/knitting since forever, but am only learning to quilt in this last year. I have one fully finished quilt to my credit that is in London right now. I have two daughters, 25 and 22. the older one is in AZ working on her doctorate in planetary geology and engaged to a wonderful young man who is an IT guru, the family would be lost without their ability to dial in and fix what we have screwed up on the computers! The younger one is in London working on a masters in East Asia Art. I miss them both daily, they were great kids and have grown up to be wonderful young women who I am pleased to count as my friends as well as my daughters.

My husband works for NASA which is why we are in MD rather than CA where we would probably rather be. The past two years have been physically rough on us, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in '09 and he had a stroke in '10 with various circulation problems becoming apparent. Hopefully he is on the road to recovery-I am truly not cut out to be Martha Stewart and keep this house spotless and him well-fed. He is the main cook, and I think one of the reasons he is recovering so well is that he is tired of eating my cooking! We have known each other since junior high and have been best friends since day one.

We are also on the road to Ohio fairly frequently for elder-care. My father-in-law's second wife has vascular dementia and he is primary care-giver. He does not get a lot of help from her children in town, so we make up for it. We go in with lots of good food and just hang out for the weekend trying to make things easier for him. I feel that I am truly accepted as he complains to my sib-in-laws about me as much he complains about them to us! I'll tell you all, "it ain't easy getting old"!

I have learned so much from the block choices the first round made in this bee and I'm really looking forward to this round. The blogging community has given me many new friends, and I sincerely think that I would not have recovered as well as I did from surgery if I had not had so many people pulling for me and keeping me in touch with the world via the internet.


  1. So glad you are going to be part of it this time again San-Dee.
    I am sorry about all your health troubles, I wish for the both of you to get really well again soon.
    Looking forward to the fun we will have with this new Bee.

  2. We 'old' girls just keep going and getting better San-Dee, I'm so happy to be going around again with you all and some new friends as well..

  3. Hi San-Dee,
    Great to meet you and get to know a little more about my new friends.
    Happy days from me to you.

  4. San-dee...how are you feeling? you ok? You are a very strong woman and I don't know where you get your energy!

  5. Hi San-Dee
    I think this online bee will be fun. I hope to learn a few things about quilting and putting blocks together.
    I can not wait to get started.
    hugs from Louisiana