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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nice to meetcha!

Hello to all!  I'm Tara, one of the 12 from the first round and this is my quilt top.  I had everyone make little houses out of 30s repros and am so looking forward to round 2!   I'm still working on peicing the back, which I'm liking so much that it may become 2 quilts!  I'll post pics as soon as it's done.

Everyone that was missing blocks from me, they are in route to you as I type.  Sorry for such a delay--I'll do better this time! 

This is the first blog post that I have written in over four months and I hope it spurs me to find the time to do it more often!  I must find a way to slow down and smell something, even if it's not roses!

In the mean time, 5 batches of soap are calling my name, as well as a commissioned bag, work, husband on business trip until Friday, so home alone with 4 year old, getting food cooked and all of us packed(and my projects organized for 36 hours in the car!) for a week long trip to Minnesota next week!  I guess I'll slow down when I'm dead!


  1. Wow, I love it! Great job girl..Elaine

  2. Oh, Tara, it came out so nice! Now it looks like I'm the lone slug from round one....

    Just remember when the time is right you'll find writing time. Besides, we know where to find you if you disappear for too long!

  3. I love it Tara. I remember when you first sent the fabric and instructions for your block, you were the first month and I was really nervous. It really, really pushed me right out of my comfort zone, I had never made a block that was so 'unconventional' before..!! Look at where we are now, going round again and loving it..
    Oh yes, the block I made is the bottom right corner as it's hanging..!!

  4. Yay! The top looks great...I'm trying to remember which one I did!!!