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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hi everyone





Don't even look at this, a repeat!



Well, finally, eh? I'm Elaine, from Texas, USA. I was actually born and raised in the Northwest but moved to the Southwest in 1999, via North Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico and finally here, in Texas @ 5 years ago. The hubs and I are old and hate snow, hence, the move south!

We have 5 kids between us, @9 grands and @least 1 great-grand who is so cute and cuddly...but, I digress. My hubs is retired from his career and I'm having "issues" so am not working. But, when I do work, I am an ER nurse.

I collected fabric @ 10 years before I learned how to quilt. I did sign up for a beginner quilt class and thought it was a total waste of time, so began hoarding quilt magazines and books and taught myself how to quilt...yeaaaa!!

I also own a quilt shop, brick and mortar and also sell products on etsy and enjoy meeting new people from all over the world. Here's a little known fact....it's cheaper to mail packages to Canada then the US. Packages and envelopes get to Australia faster then to Canada!

I have thought alot about what I want to choose for my month and have decided to go with the disappearing 4 patch, if ya'll don't mind. I'll post the pics and directions for you. I want to send out some squares for you ladies and you get to choose at least 1, maybe 2 fabrics from your stash to complete the square.

If you want to make 2 blocks, great, if only one, that's cool too. I am going to be using 5" squares, so go dig that orange out Vivian, lol!

I have addresses for: Tara, San-Dee, Jenny, Lizzie, Melina and Solidia. If you don't see your name on this list, please do the group email thing and send me your address. I would love to get the packets out to you real soon and I hate feeding Yukon Viv's mule...

DISCLAIMER: I have tried since Sunday and cannot fix this right, I am so sorry. Please look at the pics with the numbers, since they are all out of order, and let me know if you're truly as confused as I am right now. I need a glass of wine or more sleep...yep, more wine. Sorry for any confusion....but really, do let me know if you need better instructions. Like I said, I will send some patches out and ya'll can add your own 5" square or squares. Are the directions confusing? Am I just a blooming nut here? Oops, wine box calling, Elaine


  1. I can work it out :o)
    I'll do a group email with all the address's on today. I haven't got San-Dee's, can you send that to me and then we're ready to go. Woohoo, how great to be playing with you all again...

  2. Elaine--you should link to your blog, because the pics are in order there! I've been playing with this block since I saw your tutorial and I love it! Looking forward o getting your fabrics!

  3. Could someone e-mail me Jenny's address? Sad to say that she's still waiting on her block from me too! Going to the post office right now, for those patient ones that are waiting!

  4. Cool, I am excited about this block Elaine!
    Can't wait to start.

  5. Hi Elaine
    I am looking forward to making your quilt squares. I do not quite understand the directions between picture #2 and #5.. I missed something.
    also, what is your blog. Maybe I can figure it out there.

  6. Never mind Elaine, I looked it up on the internet and saw how it is made. I really like it and I just might make myself a quilt with dissappearing 4 patch squares.