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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cat Quilt!

Oh my month is SO FAR AWAY!!!!

Look what I found:


I love, love, love it!!!!!



  1. That's very cute, I had to save that for the dog quilt.....
    Unfortunately you're like me Viv, right at the end, long time to wait..!!

  2. Very cool Viv, an orange tabby.....?

  3. I've gotta say that I don't usually "like" cat or dog quilts, but that is adorable! Do you think you would just send background fabrics and instructions on cat color? That would be fun! I'm hoping for a lot of creativity with this group. Our styles are all so very different, which is why it's always interesting!

  4. Well you know, I have a fat quarter pack that I picked up that is all "background" fabrics...in plaids and such, really homespun looking in browns, blues, etc.

    I would love everyone to make a cat that suits them...knowing me though, I'll have forgotten about the cats by the time my month roles around...or I'll have changed my mind a million times.

    But I love those cats!!!

  5. I think this is so cute. The cats are sweet and I love the dogs too.. I have a black and tan doxie. I'm not sure I could make a quilt square that would look like a cat but I am willing to try. I have been making myself try new things lately. Check out my blog
    "Beebee's Quilts and More" to see the purse I made.