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Monday, October 25, 2010

Elaine's blocks ..

Here you go Elaine..........

Sorry that the white seems to have blown out in the photo but it's that thing in the sky I haven't seen for a while, wait, yep, it's the SUN WooHoo!!!

..I love the fabric and I love the block, it's so darn easy..! I'm so happy to back in the swing with this group..!
Be in the mail this afternoon my friend, this quilt is going to look fabulous, can't wait to see how you are going to put it together...


  1. I agree Lizzie, what a fun, easy block to make. Loving how they are all so different.
    Enjoying the sun here as well.

  2. Very "noice" Lizzie, can't believe there was no rotary cutter angst happening.

  3. Wow they are all so different and looking great.

  4. Lizzie
    The blocks look great. All different but I am sure they will become a great quilt.

  5. Hi ladies...sorry for no reply, tornado winds took out our internet tower. I sure love the blocks Lizzie, great job, can't wait to play with them. Thank you girlfriend, best to you, Elaine