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Friday, May 10, 2013

Sue's blocks

Okay, I am bad.  I do have an excuse, actually two.  My husband has had some major medical issues for the last month and has keep me busy playing chauffeur to various doctor's offices and hospitals.  The second excuse is that without the blue room being finished in its transition to the pearl room, my sewing machine wasn't set up for the longest time.

BUT-that is water under the bridge now. My machine is set up and I did Sue's blocks yesterday after doctor visits.  They will go into the mail tomorrow if I get there before they close, or Monday at the latest.  This should tease just a bit:

the color reproduction isn't the best, it's the cheap camera I have, but I got to add in some of my red gingham, butterflies and space prints.  Do you seem them?

Beebee, I'm working backward and your blocks will be done this weekend and mailed, along with a bit for the boys' space interests.....


  1. They look yummy. Thanks San-Dee

  2. Hope your DH is feeling better too. Xx Sue

  3. your blocks for Sue look great. I love the block she picked for this bee.
    Hope you DH is better soon!