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Monday, May 20, 2013

My month of May

Hello Bee Balmers,

Here are the instructions for my month :

Since I am so late, maybe I should ask you all to use fabric from your stash and I would like to request all black and white fabrics only.
Any kind you want though, flower, square, plain,... prints.

I know it sounds a little boring but I think I can get a little more uniformity that way and I was thinking about making my blocks red maybe and have it be somewhat Japanese or so looking...

Can you each send me 4 unfinished (cut into quarters but not sewn back together) or finished squares (or a little bit of both) so I can lay them all more randomly on my quilt?

I am open to feedback and wanted to apologize for my being so late!!

I am catching up tomorrow, I promise!



  1. I am a little confused sorry Melina. I do love this block and the quilt that Allison made. Do you want us all to make 4 blocks-that is 4 circles on 4 backgrounds? Do you want the background fabric to be white or black or does it not matter. Could we send you the blocks for you to cut into 4 as from here that would make postage easier-that is they would lie flatter.
    Sorry if I seem to not understand.

  2. Me too Melina, not quite sure what it is that you want us to do? You don't want us to use red do you, just black and white?

  3. So, you want us to make blocks like on the tutorial but use only black and white, I think I understand, I will try to make one tomorrow and post a photo, I think the quilt in the tutorial will be so pretty in black, white and red.

  4. Hi Melina, I think I understand because we emailed each other when you were planning this pattern. Is it right that you wand four blocks from each of us, 8 inches square with a 6 inch circle sewn onto the centre of each block. All black and white fabrics indifferent prints. You will cut them into quarters and mix them up before you sew them back into circles again.

  5. I have some black and white fabrics I can use. I'll get going on them...as soon as your verification comes in. I love that look of Allison's quilt, it's going to be a fun easy block.

  6. Hi all, sorry I was not clear, glad you are asking me though.
    Yes, if you could all only do black and white that would be great (I will do the red).
    No restrictions at all. Background, circles,... I leave it up to you as to where you put the black and the white. White on white or black on black is good too ;0
    If that is ok I changed my mind and thought you could all cut and re-sew the squares with the circle in the middle. It will work that way too I think. But you can do as you wish here as I can do this at home when I get your squares.
    If you can all do 4 reconstituted squares with a circle in the middle that would be great but if you only feel like making two I understand.
    Hope that makes more sense!

  7. Hi Melina, Just checking to make sure I understand. You want us to make four circle on square blocks out of black and white fabrics, cut them in quarters and then sew them back together randomly. Verdad?