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Saturday, May 28, 2011


What a wonderful thing this web is! Thanks to all your heartfelt comments, I am moving toward a sunnier place of existence. I have realized that I don't have to be Superwoman. My life has an ebb and flow that is affected by matters beyond my control, and I just need to move with it. It has helped tremendously that DD1 has been home for a few days, and that DD2 will be home for two weeks at the end of June. I think I needed daughter "fixes".

The colors used in the recent blocks are absolutely gorgeous! I actually bought a package of green fat quarters yesterday (on sale!) to increase my available stash for all you green people! It's never been a color I enjoy except in nature, so I have very few green things around. So, hopefully Kenny (my Kenmore sewing machine) will get a little workout this weekend while the temperatures soar outside; we're supposed to hit 100 on Monday-very bizarre for the Washington, DC area this early in the year....but I need to remember Maryland is the South:)...days like this I definitely miss CA and the ocean.

Love and hugs to you all for all the support, you cannot imagine how much it means to me!


  1. Spending time with our grown children is wonderful!
    Glad to know you are feeling more like yourself again.

    I have to dig out my greens to make some leaves!

    Think pink and red you'll need them in July!

  2. Hey girl, you sound so much better!!! Some times saying the words outloud make such a difference, admitting how difficult something is...it's almost like it releases a little bit of the power it has over you.

    Remember to take it easy, you have that bit of breathing space now, and mom/daughter time to look forward too, don't try and take on much more. We are ALL still here and not letting you go...(((hugs))).

  3. Great to hear you are feeling better. Remember to try and have some me time when you can.
    We're all here to listen if you need to off load. xxx

  4. Hello San-Dee,
    It is great to get news from you and to hear you are feeling better.
    I am with everybody, anytime anyone needs help and support, we are hear for each other ;-)
    Keep feeling better and taking care of yourself!