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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm not lost

but I have definitely been feeling like it! I hope to have triangles mailed by this weekend. I have chosen a hexagon design that is really easy but looks a lot harder. Please take your time getting it back to me, I know I'm REALLY late getting fabric to you all, but I have a decent reason/excuse (see Carolyn Hax's column for the definitions of "reason and excuse"): I fell two weeks ago on the way to the post office and sprained my wrist. I am still having problems with it when I try to do fine movements as opposed to general ones like waving. What was worse was that it was at lunchtime on busy Bethesda Ave-they have brick sidewalks that look cute but are really uneven, and there was a whole crowd to see me go down. And one jerk told me it was because I was wearing heels not flats-sheesh!

I will post directions and pictures tomorrow. Thank you all for your patience throughout this ordeal!


  1. I hope you are ok. Falling always causes problems. No rush to send out your fabric. I hope your wrist heals quickly!

  2. Poor you San-Dee. I hope your wrist is better and you are feeling sprightly again.

  3. I am joining BeeBee and Sue, hope you get better quick!
    Looking fwd to your fabric pieces but no rush!