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Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting caught up...and a funny confession!

Thank goodness for the long Memorial Day holiday weekend!!  (and being able to play hookie from my church musician job on Sunday!)...I finally got caught up!  I added purple to Marlene's fabric to finish hers...
...and dug around in my green tubs to come up with this for Melina.  I hope it is the sort of thing you had in mind.  The star points look black in my picture, but they are really a deep green Shadowplay (Maywood). 
Is anyone else having frustrations with Blogger??  I cannot post comments on many blogs...I get in this endless loop of it saying I'm not signed in after I type a comment.  I sign in, then it takes me back to my comment and asks me to type the letters correctly.  After I do that, I'm right back to the screen where I sign in and give my password.  AAAHHHH!  It is so frustrating!  I have sent a couple of "help me" messages, but nothing is any better. 

True confession time:  a while back, Kate made a post showing the two blocks that she made.  I was very sick at the time and had a high fever.  I dragged myself off the couch long enough to see the post and really study the pretty blocks (eye candy for the sick soul!!).  Then I dragged myself back to the couch and slept.  Well, later I sort of hallucinated that they came in the mail already instead of just being pictured on the blog post!  I sort of thought, somehow, that they arrived in the mail and my husband brought the package to my drowsy dreamy state on the couch and said, "open this...it feels like fabric...this will make you feel better."  I was really VERY sick, I guess.

Well, when I got better, I convinced myself that they really had already come, and I must have just misplaced the mailing envelope containing the blocks.  I searched and searched, then Lizzie's block for me arrived...how could I post about my joy in Lizzie's block arriving when I had not posted about Kate's yet?!

So I spent a few weeks turning the house, especially the quilt cave, upside-down looking for the missing blocks.  Then I wondered if I had accidentally thrown them out!  I was horrified!

Meanwhile, the blocks DID arrive in the mail, delayed a little, and I STILL did not make the connection that they were from Kate.  How could they be from Kate when I had already gotten them from Kate when I was sick and misplaced them.  I didn't originally read the note in Kate's parcel saying that they had been delayed.  The guilt of "losing" those two blocks made me not want to make Marlene and Melina's blocks until I found them.

Finally, Thursday night I realized I just had to make the two blocks and get them in the mail.  THAT is when I finally, thoroughly, read the note in Kate's parcel...THESE were the blocks I was looking for!  I AM SUCH AN AIRHEAD!!!

I tell you, since turning 50 in December...I have not been the same!!  I thought it would be a gradual decline into mushroominess...

So thank you Kate, and thank you for the 30's fabric you included in the envelope!  I am so embarrassed that I did not make the proper connections!  I will get Marlene and Melina's blocks in the mail tomorrow, along with another block I got done this weekend.  Thank you to everyone's patience with me and my crazy brain!!

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Made me smile Teresa, my brain seems to be mush more and more often nowadays!! I've got catching up to do this week too..

  2. Oh Teresa!!! I am so sorry that my delay between posting photos and posting parcel has caused SUCH a mad dilemma. I was chuckling all throughout your story. You poor thing..."knowing" the blocks had arrived and being unable to find them must have been driving you mad!

  3. Oh Kate, it's nothing you did or didn't do...it's my feeble brain, then that I was too embarrassed to post about it! If I had just checked with you I would have saved so much grief on my part. It's all hilarious now that I look back at it all.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)