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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Time for a 2013 Bee update!

I hope you all had fun making all the blocks this year.  I am pretty sure I got all the blocks when it was my turn.  Since I moved I can not find that file I had to keep track.  I made two nice 'round the world" twin size quilts with the blocks you all sent and the multiple blocks I made to go with them.

Here is a picture of one of them.  We use them everyday!

Did everyone get all of their blocks?  I am going to send an email to all the "bees" to check to see how everyone did.

I would love it if everyone would post a picture of their quilts, in progress or completed ok?


  1. Hi I am going to do Elaine's today. I have not gotten my blocks from Liz McMahon or San-Dee Ostrach, I can't wait to get them and quilt my quilt, Thanks everyone.

    1. I am also waiting for blocks from Liz and San-Dee.

  2. Beebee the quilt looks great. It's been a fun year. Thank you for being 'Mother Bee