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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Last block ladies

 I hope you like your house block, kinda wonky my way. The hardest part was cutting between the fingers..
My sofa is under the block; the block actually has an all green background.
 Now, on to the last block. 
I found this on http://www.dontcallmebetsy.com/2012/03/patchwork-wheel-block-tutorial.html. The quilt block is Patchwork Wheel Quilt  block tutorial and it's fun. I'm going to send the background fabric out to each and want you to use your scraps please. It's a 12.5" block, square up if you like, or not. I like bright and funky fabrics. I am in no rush, obviously with the holidays everyone was very busy. I put my block on the back burner and just plain forgot it. Forgive me Janet.

She has an awesome blog and a great tutorial for this block. I bookmarked her so I could return and take my time going through her blog.

Thanks for the fun year ladies and nudging each other on to go outside our comfort zones, or maybe that was just me! Happy New Years and thank you.




  1. I LOVE what you made for me! Mail is super slow here. Is the background just a solid grey? I have some in my stash. What colour are you using?

  2. I understand your mail is very slow, no biggie. I am using Bella Solids Stone 9900 128, go ahead and use it if you like. That goes for everyone. Otherwise, I am sending packets out this afternoon, after the nice UPS man comes....hey, they are still wearing shorts here! Janet, the inspiration is twofold. My love of black Americana goes back years, I don't know why, just love it. Secondly, my last supervisor is the most awesome boss in the world, who is a beautiful black woman. When I made a quilt for a friend and she saw it, stated, "why can't I have a quilt with little black women on it?" So, she is getting a quilt, minus a few little people!

  3. Elaine,

    I just saw that block - I think on facebook, not sure - and loved it! I can't wait to get your fabric to start in on it.

  4. Hi Elaine, I don't have any stone, so I guess I will wait for my package in the mail. :)

    1. No problem Janet, I totally understand!

    2. Yikes, I've waited for you Moda Bella Stone to arrive Elaine ...........and now I've killed it! So sorry, I'm going to find some more and start again. Hope you don't mind waiting.

  5. Oh Sue, don't think twice about it! Please don't go to any trouble on my part, ok? If you lived down the road, I would be on your sofa laughing with you, but you don't, dammit! Is ok really. Laughing with you, Elaine