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Sunday, January 26, 2014

House blocks are arriving and the town is going up!!

Hi all,

I've received six house blocks in the last week and thought I would show you how things are shaping up so far.

So fun!! :)

Beebee sent me this cute little coffee mug rug too.

Thanks for all the blocks received so far, and I am anticipating the arrival of Sue's, Marlene's and Melina's blocks which are all in the mail.  Bah to Canada Post...



  1. All the houses are so cute. Once I finish my last 8 yes eight, quilt tops then I want to make a village quilt by making lots of little houses. Yes, I am trying to stick to my New Year's resolution to finish everything before I begin something new. "wish me luck" HA HA HA...I can do it.

  2. I hope my house arrives soon. I can't remember what day I posted it but it was definitely in the first week of January so it's been three weeks already. I'm worried that it's lost