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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Plans for April

I'm busy cutting fabric for my blocks next month. I thought I would post a little early as it will take a couple of weeks to get to most of you.
Here's a pic of the quilt I have chosen. I stole the photo from facebook and can't remember whose quilt it is so if any of you have any problem with this please let me know now before I post the fabric out and I will plan something else.
Cheers Sue


  1. very pretty...I look forward to getting your fabric.

  2. Gorgeous. no problems with it here Sue.

  3. loving this one, have to get Beebee's done this week then we're ready to go with yours :)

  4. I love it too! Can't wait to discover this pattern! How fun, I love getting to know new quilting patterns as I have been so in love with the Wonky Star and want to branch off a little. I found a cool quilt pattern with circles for my month - easy because I am not a pro like most of you ;-)