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Sunday, March 31, 2013

March done and Facebook..

Finished beebee's blocks for march and they will be in the post as soon as the post office reopens tomorrow.....

they were fun to make beebee, can't wait to see it finished....

I had an email from Janet the other day asking if the blocks she had made me had arrived, of course, they had but I had just forgotten to post about it (just waiting for one more and then I can start putting it together).
I know some of you have Facebook accounts and a couple of you are already 'friends', I've created a facebook page for us so that those that want to can post info on when you've posted parcels or simple a quick hello, I've finished this block, how do you want this done..etc!!!
Here's the link

Facebook   beebalm2013

if you're happy to use Facebook and you belong to the group, just let me know and I'll add your email to the admin panel so that we can all post straight onto the page....
I've sent a couple of email invites out to those of you that are on my page...

Looking forward to your blocks Sue.....


  1. I have a Facebook page but I really don't look at it very often. I prefer to stick with the blog.

  2. I love Facebook, it's quick and easy to the point I have almost lost interest in blogging. That's sad I know.

  3. Lizzy, your blocks arrived yesterday! so pretty! thank you